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Powrtouch Powractuator

The drive rollers can be positioned on or off the tyres by a simple press of a switch. The Powractuator is a 12 volt linear actuator that replaces the over-lock CAM system for engaging and disengaging the Aluminium rollers to the tyres. As some existing parts are removed the new Powractuator does not add any weight to the existing Powrtouch Mover.

Should you have a battery failure when the rollers are located on the tyre they can be removed by turning a small shaft by hand (9 mm Hex) or with a battery operated tool (not supplied).

NOTE: For All Wheel Drive units two sets of actuators have to be purchased.


Powractuator Specifications


Powrtouch Powractuator

Operational Voltage

12 Volt DC

Power Source
(caravan leisure battery)

12V 85Ah