Security Devices

If your are interested in any of these devices please give us a call on 07951 890 958 / 0151 521 2565 or email us or use the contact form on our contact us page. If you are looking for something in particular then let us know and we will see if we call supply it. We now accept Credit / Debit card payments if required.

Are you worried about caravan security? if so give us a call we can now supply and fit Hal locate GSM tracking devices to your caravan / motorhome?

Hal-Locate uses global satellite positioning (GPS) and mobile phone (GSM) technology to monitor the current location and status of your caravan or motorhome.

If your vehicle is moved without your consent, HAL-Locate will automatically contact you and a police approved control centre. If it is confirmed that your caravan or motorhome has been stolen, the control centre will track its movements and provide its location to the police, ensuring a priority response.

HAL-Locate is covert and cannot easily be disarmed by thieves. If your vehicle is stolen, HAL-Locate remains active, continuously reporting vehicle location, speed and heading.

· Ultra low power consumption maximises leisure battery Life

· Internal rechargeable backup battery

· Remote SMS Text control enables HAL-Locate to be armed or disarmed via mobile phone

· Ability to check Leisure battery charge Status via mobile Phone

· Can be configured for use with up to three mobile phones

· Advanced geo-fence system reduces false alarms

· Approved control centre provides international police liaison and vehicle recovery support in 40 countries

· System automatically arms if vehicle is left stationary for approximately 2 hours

· Insurance premium benefits

We can also supply and Fit caravan alarms

IDM4 Alarm kit

A keypad operated alarm system designed specifically for caravan installations. Utilising the latest power saving technology the system is able to operate for many months from its integral battery, thus removing reliance on the leisure battery.


Stylish Keypad with 10,00 possible codes, sensor and battery test Functions and programmable Settings. 3 possible power sources - Plug-top charger, Leisure battery